This is us our Team

Dr Mike Popesku

Principal consultant


Prof Vicky Story

Research Expert

Vitomir Kovanovic

Senior Data Scientist

Nikola Milosevic

Senior Data Scientist



It gives us a special thrill to achieve a lot with very few resources employed. Our ethos is to consume the least time, money, manpower and other material resources in project execution and pass on the difference we make to our clients. Ultimately, the high-quality research does not have to cost a fortune


Our team is made of very talented people that are creative of new knowledge. We enjoy in harnessing the power of science and making it work in practice. Given that all of our team members are in the same time UK-based university researchers, by default we act as a catalyst to this process and are ensuring that the best-performing research methods known to date are being applied


Some of us started coding before speaking. We are in love with new technologies and are by our nature early adopters. This makes us open for new things and ready to challenge anything and anyone


We like being approached and engaged. Although we admit not to have instant answers to all the questions you might ask, we do have very powerful tools for answering almost anything related to customers, markets or research methods

Our Badges of Quality