They said about us


I have had the pleasure to cooperate with Dr Popesku and his company, Genuine Market Research (GMR), on a very challenging and complex project – Segmentation of Belgrade shopping centers visitors. Company that I work for, Confluence Property Management, is the leading independent property management company in the Balkans. It has almost 60 properties with over 420,000 m2 under management in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, including some of the biggest shopping centers in the region like Ušće Shopping Center in Belgrade, Mercator Shopping Centers in Belgrade and Novi Sad, Alta Shopping Center in Sarajevo and Bingo City Center in Tuzla. Operating in a dynamic environment required an advanced approach related to deeper understanding of our visitors and consumers, which was effectively supported by GMR led by Dr Popesku and his team. From day one, Dr Popesku wanted and succeeded to understand our business to provide the most appropriate solution that delivered invaluable and actionable insights into our visitors and their behavior. With his extremely dedicated approach he successfully covered every aspect of the project – creating and testing the most adequate questionnaire, coordinating fieldwork, controlling the inputs and validity of data (very important for us, managed really well!), delivering analysis, insights and actionable proposals, and even doing infographic design. His approach and communication throughout the entire project was highly professional and open, which I appreciated very much. Our project team and relevant stakeholders were very pleased with the final deliverables provided by Dr Popesku and his GMR team. What is most important we started to use the insights for our activities and decision-making immediately, which is another testament to the quality of Dr Popesku’s work.
Pedja Topic

Executive Director, Confluence Property Management

I had an opportunity to work with Dr Popesku on a very challenging research project for my company. Namely, we tried to explore potential avenues of brand reengineering in the context of a complex portfolio of established brands. Despite this project being something new to us, we remained even-minded and reassured in a positive outcome all the time due to Dr Popesku’s high-level of professionalism at all stages of the process. In particular, I speak of his business acumen, his cognizance of the industry, expertise in research methods, knowledge of the Internet and new technologies as well as good understanding of human psychology. He has entirely understood the problem that we wanted to tackle, immersed himself completely and has provided us with very beneficial solutions and actionable insight. In the end, he came up with a set of strategic recommendations with a view of leveraging our corporate success. I am very pleased to say that through this cooperation with Dr Popesku we grew strong in our impression of him and his team as of reliable partners for our future research undertakings.
Petar Stakic

Head of Corporate Communications, Infostud


It gives us a special thrill to achieve a lot with very few resources employed. Our ethos is to consume the least time, money, manpower and other material resources in project execution and pass on the difference we make to our clients. Ultimately, the high-quality research does not have to cost a fortune


Our team is made of very talented people that are creative of new knowledge. We enjoy in harnessing the power of science and making it work in practice. Given that all of our team members are in the same time UK-based university researchers, by default we act as a catalyst to this process and are ensuring that the best-performing research methods known to date are being applied


Some of us started coding before speaking. We are in love with new technologies and are by our nature early adopters. This makes us open for new things and ready to challenge anything and anyone


We like being approached and engaged. Although we admit not to have instant answers to all the questions you might ask, we do have very powerful tools for answering almost anything related to customers, markets or research methods