Customer Insight

Investing in understanding customers and market is one of the most profitable investments a business can make. We can assist you in discovering what your customers think, say, do or feel, what drives and inspires them, how they go about purchase, how they use products and services, how they see different brands and react to your marketing mix.

Surveys and polls

If you need an insight into you customers’ and any other stakeholders’ opinions on any matter of your concern we can organise polls and surveys using:

  • PAPI – Paper and Pen Interviewing
  • CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • CASI – Computer Assisted Self Interviewing
  • CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interviewing
  • TAPI – Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing
  • TASI – Tablet Assisted Self-Interviewing
  • SASI – Smartphone Assisted Self-Interviewing

We advocate a data-driven market/customer segmentation. Using the state of the art analytical methods, we can:

  • Identify variables that define significant differences between segments
  • Establish the optimal number of different market segments
  • Establish each segment sizes and their currency value
  • Develop segment profiles and give detailed description of a typical segment member

This, in turn, gives you a powerful tool for action especially in targeting and identifying customers who have a potential to become your premium or lifelong accounts.

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon. In tackling this issue, we can:

  • Establish all dimensions/facets of satisfaction relevant to your business/brand
  • Measure each satisfaction dimension and identify its importance for the overall satisfaction score

This, in turn, gives a clear idea which area(s) of business should be improved or maintained to keep customers satisfied.

Customer buying behaviour studies

Using a range of traditional and non-traditional methods we can establish what are:

  • The triggers/drives for the purchase of a particular product/service/brand
  • Key decision criteria for buying and consuming a particular product/service/brand

This can help a successful optimisation of your marketing mix which in turn opens ways for an increase in sales.

Usage and attitude studies

Customer usage of products and services is generally considered to be a black box process. Our consultants have created innovative approaches for studying consumption in the privacy of the customer. In this area, we can deliver:

  • Insight in how customers perceive products and services they have not used/consumed
  • Insight in how customers evaluate product/services they have consumed/used
  • Insight in how, when, how often and why customers use products and brands of interest
  • Insight in the mechanism of consumption that lies beyond the eyesight of your company
  • Insight in how customers assess value-in-use and how products and services score on value-in-use scale
Brand impact

Studying brands and how customers see them is one of our specialities. We can identify:

  • Customer awareness of brands
  • Values customers attach to brands
  • Brand reputation and identity as perceived by various stakeholders
  • Influence of brands on the customer’s purchase decisions
Pricing effectiveness

Setting the right price for a product or service is a vital task. Very often having the lowest market price among your competitors does more harm than good. We can find a solution that will ensure you stay satisfied with the financial feedback you receive from your customers while strengthening your reputation and image. Here we can establish:

  • Optimum price that should be charged
  • Reference price (the price customer would expect to pay for particular product and service)
  • Maximum price customer is willing to pay
  • Bottom acceptable price (the price below you only harm your brand/image)
Product test/concepts

If you are developing a new product, package or advertisement, it is always good to conduct a pilot test before doing a major release. Here we can establish:

  • Attitudes to products/packages/designs/advertisements
  • Attitudes to new concepts (new products and services)
  • Unmet customer needs

Market Intelligence

Having a big picture of the market, industry trends and macro-environment is vital for assessing the attractiveness of the market and its prospects. This means being well prepared for the future. We provide a precise understanding of the industry dynamics, market trends, competitors as well as macro-forces that affect all players in the market.

Market size and structure

For any market or industry we can deliver:

  • The value of the market in currency value and unit sold each year
  • The historical trends of the market size
  • The key consuming segments of the market
  • Competition analysis and their market shares
  • The route to market

Particularly well we know markets of the UK, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Country profile/intelligence

For any country (national market) you would like to understand better we can deliver:

  • Market attractiveness and potential
  • Assessment of opportunities and threats
  • Macro-environment analysis that includes political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental analysis with key risks factor assessment
  • Entry routes to the national market

Particularly well we know markets of the UK, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro.

Industry intelligence

We are able to provide you with a scan of the industry of your concerns. The report includes trends, competitors with their market shares and target segments and the general industry environment (PESTEL forces).

Data Science and Expert Services

Using a range of cutting edge techniques we can squeeze out extra knowledge from the data. We can identify hidden variables, processes and structure and find out how these explain your consumer behaviour or customer churn. We also have capabilities to record and analyse data available online in blogs, social media and news portals.

Social and online media listening

If you want to find out what audiences comment about a brand, product, service, event, place or a person, we can arrange media listening of channels that you choose. For that purpose, all the comments from media websites, blogs, FB, Twitter, alongside other important parameters (i.e. likes, dislikes, shares etc.) will be downloaded and analysed. Finally, you will get a report that will show you key topics people talk about, their prominence across various digital channels and sentiments people have when they comment on something of your interest.

Questionnaire design

No matter how well data collection and analysis are performed, if questionnaire is poorly designed all subsequent research stages are compromised. A well designed questionnaire uses a plain and jargon-free language; has unbiased, brief and straightforward questions; is enjoyable for respondents; gives participants chance to answer as they would like to and always gives a way out. We do:

  • Questionnaire design from scratch
  • Questionnaire optimisation and improvement
Cheating prevention in e-surveys

In recent years online surveys have become first choice approach for customer insight research. In the circumstances of information overload and dense online competition among research companies, respondents prefer surveys that reward their time and efforts. However, not all participants are bona fide and will try to cheat in surveys. If you want to prevent cheating in your surveys we can develop or optimize your online questionnaire to disqualify:

  • Straight-line responses
  • Christmas tree (zig-zag) responses
  • Speedy responses
  • Slow responses
  • Sloppy and lazy responses
  • False and nonsense responses
  • Redundant responses
  • Inconsistent responses
  • Responses falling outside the predefined ranges
  • Responses provided from the undesired participants

Having these mechanisms in place ensures that you get true responses and reduces the need for data cleaning to minimum.

Data cleaning

They say “garbage in analysis, garbage out of analysis”. This why serious decision makers dedicate special attention to the quality of data. Based on our extensive experience, we have developed ten-step procedure that removes:

  • Straight-line responses
  • Christmas tree (zig-zag) responses
  • Speedy responses
  • Slow responses
  • Sloppy and lazy responses
  • False and nonsense responses
  • Redundant responses
  • Inconsistent responses
  • Responses falling outside the predefined ranges
  • Responses provided from respondents that were not defined as target examinees

Having a pure dataset enables sound foundations for decision making.

Data analysis and manipulation

Our team of consultants is made of well published university lecturers in research methods of the UK’s leading universities, the people who are setting the landscape of modern-day research. We do 1st and 2nd generation statistics, data mining and machine learning. In this area we provide the following services:

  • Basic and advanced quantitative analysis (univariate and multivariate analytical techniques including latent class analysis, latent trait analysis)
  • Basic and advanced qualitative analysis (topic analysis, latent topic analysis, text mining)
  • Mixed type data analysis (data mining, machine learning)

Also we can perform merging of various databases and data transformation as per your request.

Data visualisation

We can create both static and dynamic charts, schemes, infographics and videos to illustrate your data in an innovate and engaging way. Some of our team members are leaders in the field of creative data visualisation.

Development of scales and indexes

Often researchers are facing a problem of measuring complex and multifaceted phenomena such as stress, satisfaction, loyalty etc. These latent phenomena cannot be directly measured but fortunately their manifestations can. For this purpose a set of proxy questions (scale/index items) has to be developed to reflect the focal phenomenon and to cover its entire domain. In this light we provide:

  • Generating scale and index items
  • Providing framework for face and content validity of newly formed scales and indexes
  • Panel of experts for face and content validity scale assessment
  • Full development and testing of the multi-item scales/index to measure latent construct of your choice
Modelling for SEM

We can develop new and review already existing structural equation models, collect data, run SEM analysis and write reports for the purposes of scholar publishing. The SEM software packages that we support are: LISREL, SmartPLS and AMOS.